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Republic day teach us many new things and also all historic moment which is happen at that time before being republic country or also some changes after India got fully republic. We are offering a best welcome republic day speech for free and if you are also looking for the short republic day speech and essay in English language then you can find them in this article, so just simply read this full article or get your Republic Day Speech, Republic Day Essay, Republic Day Poem below the line. Republic Day Speech Essay Poem in English — 26 January English Speech Republic Day Speech Essay Poem in English — 26 January English Speech Friends 26th January always celebrate by all Indian as a republic day which is very important day for every single Indian citizen over the country because the constitution of India formed at the same time in 26 Januaryafter that India got fully republic, so friends if you are students, kids, college going students or if you looking for the English republic day essay and speech then your most welcome on this page because you can easily find in this article all Republic Day Speech and Poems in English.

26 january 1950 essay help

You can have a look on this Republic Day of India essay to get help in your study: The citizens have the power to elect their representatives as well as over throw them on accounts of corruption or non performance.

These powers to Indian citizens and also their fundamental rights are provided by the Constitution of India.

History of Republic Day BeforeIndian political parties were embracing the idea of political independence from United Kingdom. Though their demands were limited to a providing a dominion status as enjoyed by Australia and Canada under British Empire.

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Many political parties including Muslim league were opposed to the complete independence and were in favor of dominion status. After the Jallianwalan Bagh massacre ofthere was huge public outrage against British rule and looking at the public sentiments Mahatma Gandhi and congress committed themselves to Purna Swaraj.

Mahatma Gandhi led nationwide Non co-operation movement between against Rowlett Act in which civil liberties of Indian citizens were hugely curtailed.

Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted Indian national flag on 31 December on the banks of river Ravi in Lahore and 26 january 1950 essay help the people to observe 26 January as the Independence Day.

26 january 1950 essay help

Finally after a long fought battle for independence through Indian independence movement known for Non co operation movement and civil disobedience movement under Mahatma Gandhi, India achieved independence on 15 August A constitution drafting committee was formed under the chairmanship of B.

Ambedkar, on 29 august Chairman of the drafting committee B. Ambedkar finally presented the draft constitution to the President of the committee, Dr. Rajendra Prasad on 26 Novemberwhich came into effect from 26 January The date 26 January was chosen for Republic Day because it was on this day in that declaration of India independence Purna Swaraj was proclaimed by Indian National congress as opposed to dominion status granted by the British Empire.

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Celebrations An essay on Republic Day in India is incomplete without providing a detail of its grand celebration in all over India, especially in national capital Delhi. A description of celebration to let you know how important is Republic day for the people of India, is given below- In the National Capital Delhi The preparation for Republic Day celebrations in Delhi starts days before the actual event.

26 january 1950 essay help

Students from various schools across the country gather to rehearse their performance in the final parade. Also the personals from security forces or defense take part in the rehearsal and take adequate security measures for the safety of the citizens as well as various dignitaries present.

It is also a tradition to invite another Head of the State from some other country as a Chief Guest. The parade starts with Prime Minister along with three military heads paying floral tribute to the fallen soldiers at Amar Jawan jyoti, India gate.

The President then starts with giving gallantry awards to the soldiers for showing exceptional courage and bravery during the time of war.

The Prime Minister announces various schemes for the welfare of citizens and the progress made in previous ones. Despite being a National the presence of all the children and staff is mandatory of Flag hoisting ceremony. Children also organize various programs to commemorate freedom fighters and to understand the importance of having Swaraj.

Sweets are distributed among children and they are taught about freedom struggle and the importance of Constitution in order to remain democratic. In Offices The Government of India has mandated the presence of all the employees on occasion of flag hoisting on Republic Day.

After flag hoisting ceremony national anthem is sung, followed by exchange of pleasantries. The head of the office hoists the flag and a small program is organized, including distribution of sweets among the employees.

They thank the framers of our Constitution, for providing us a fair and unbiased Constitution. More stress is given on the need of having a Constitution of our own and its essentiality for democracy. There were many perils associated with the colonial rule- no civil liberties, no equality, people were not allowed equal opportunities as their British counterparts, they were not allowed to trade freely and were highly suppressed by the administration in all their endeavors.

All this because India was governed by a Foreign Empire, which was not interested in the welfare of Indians but only on filling its coffers by imposing high taxes and through an unjust revenue system.

The Constitution of India marks the beginning of a new dawn for Indian masses. For the first time they were able to choose their own government, enjoy civil liberties and fundamental rights as in all democratic countries.

Moreover they have been provided supreme power and can over throw any elected representative on grounds of corruption or under performance. The Constitution put the citizens of India at the centre, with all the government machinery formed with the basic aim of protecting their rights and promoting their welfare.

Republic Day reminds the people of India that how important is it to have their own Constitution in order to prosper and grow and also reminds us of the struggle and sacrifices of our freedom fighters for achieving Swaraj.

Conclusion Republic Day of India celebrated on January 26, marks the institution of the Constitution of India which came into effect on 26th Januaryreplacing Government of India Act It also marked the beginning of a new dawn for people of India towards freedom and self governance.

But any democratic nations should be governed by a set of rules, acceptable to all. The Constitution of India provided to us contains in details the responsibilities and rights of the citizens of India as well as the legislative, executive and judiciary.

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C, . Critics Consensus: Arguably the greatest movie about Hollywood, Billy Wilder's masterpiece Sunset Boulevard is a tremendously entertaining combination of noir, black comedy, and character study. Essay, Speech on Republic Day of India, 26 January , Essay on 26 January Essay, Speech You can also use this information for paragraph, article writing, anchoring nbsp; Republic Day speeches for school students Fedena Blog of republic day here, we have speeches for school students in English school conduct various competitions such as.

You can have a look on this Republic Day of India essay to get help in your study: Long Essay on Republic Day of India ( words) The Constitution of India was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on 26 November , but came into effect from 26 January , marking India’s transition form a colonial rule governed country.

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