An essay on being an autotelicself

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An essay on being an autotelicself

A Creative Essay on Self Acceptance. ~ Jane CoCo Cowles | elephant journal

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But be careful not give away too much, otherwise no one might read the rest of the essay. In brief, do not summarize, only create intrigue in your introduction. Each of these paragraphs should discuss a different point and must follow this pattern - topic sentence, supporting points, elaboration of supporting points.

The topic sentence is the first sentence of the paragraph and tells what the paragraph is going to be about; the supporting points explain the topic sentence; and the rest of the sentences elaborate on the supporting points.

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Back to Top - Do not preach Respect your audience by not telling them what to think on a subject. The best approach is to lay out the facts in the most logical and convincing manner and then leave the reader to make his own conclusions. Replace the pronoun with a noun and the intransitive verb "to be" with an action verb.

Back to Top - You and your essay Read as many essays as possible to understand how to write them. See how the topic has been introduced, developed, and then concluded.

Look at how the information has been organized and presented. But when writing your essay, be yourself. If you must, then properly site them as a source. Back to Top - Focus on ideas first Write a draft of your essay or article first, focusing only on your ideas.

Then re-write giving proper structure. Back to Top - Proofreading for spellings During proofreading for spellings, read your document backwards.An Autotelicself is an individual who strives to be in the flow.

The flow is how a person becomes so involved in an activity and sets their minds to it till the individual is fully satisfied. However, an autotelicself will not know which goals are good and which goals are bad; thus not know. an essay on being an autotelicself Dog trainers everywhere- share your tips!

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People with an autotelic personality tend to have a greater preference for challenging-opportunities and learning skills that stimulate them and encourage growth. It is in such high-challenge and through creative learning skills that people are most likely to enter the “flow state”.

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An essay on being an autotelicself

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