Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent

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Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent

We support children to develop: The children can explore and share thoughts, feelings and ideas in many ways; painting, drawing, modelling, music, movement, dance and role play.

We encourage children to explore sound, colour, texture, shape and dimensions.

19 TAC Chapter , Subchapter C

Play helps young children to learn and develop through doing and talking, which research has shown to be the means by which young children think. At Little Acorns Pre-school we provide a range of play activities which help children to make progress in each of the areas of learning and development at their own pace.

In some of these activities children decide how they will use the activity and, in others, an adult takes the lead in helping the children to take part in the activity. In all activities information gained from participating children is used to evaluate its effectiveness and review the learning that has taken place.

This helps us to plan for individual children, record their progression and identify some next steps in their learning. At Little acorns we provide every child with opportunities to discover, learn and grow in a fun, imaginative and exciting way. At Little Acorns this will be just before their third birthday, as our entry age is 2 years and 9 months.

The key person is responsible for completing the check using information from ongoing observational assessments carried out as part of our everyday practice, taking account of the views and contributions of parents and other professionals. Your consent is required for this check and you will be given relevant information prior to this taking place.

We use information that we gain from observations, as well as from photographs of the children, or their conversations, to document their progress and where this may be leading them. We analyse observations and decide what they tell us about the children. We have recently started using LearningBook, an online system for recording observations on your child.

This has a parent portal where you can view and add comments to their Learning Journey. On admission you will be given information regarding this. We believe that parents know their children best and we ask them to contribute to our assessments and recordings by sharing information with us about what their children like to do at home.

We also share this information with you by encouraging parents to utilise our open door policy, where you can chat to your key person whenever you choose.

Together we decide on how to help with any issues and how to progress your child in their development.

Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent

This is at the heart of the pre-school and parents working in partnership. Special books are used to share interests and achievements and are shared between the pre-school and home, providing a very positive link.

Recording Progress We have recently swapped our paper observation and recording system to an online digital system called LearningBook.

It also allows you to interact with their learning journey, strengthening the link between home and pre-school.

With LearningBook, you can: View and comment on observations taken at pre-school through the MyLearningBook portal.

A key meeting twice a year also celebrates their achievements and supports parents in developing learning at home.

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Four Resources Guideposts. Cooperative Reading Guideposts provide a useful assessment tool.. Implementing the Strategy The Cooperative Reading Cycle.

The Cooperative Reading lesson sequence is based on a four-week cycle. The students stay in their teams throughout a . Explain each of the areas of learning and development and how these are interdependent.

Multicultural Competency: How Are We Different? Let Us Count the Ways by William M. Liu, Ph.D.

The different areas of development are social, emotional, communication, physical, intellectual and creative. The interdependence of these areas of development will cover a number of the areas if the activities are planned effectively.

Identifying Topics, Main Ideas, and Supporting Details. Understanding the topic, the gist, or the larger conceptual framework of a textbook chapter, an article, a paragraph, a sentence or a passage is a sophisticated reading alphabetnyc.com able to draw conclusions, evaluate, and critically interpret articles or chapters is important for overall comprehension in college reading.

Introduction. If climate change is the key process in the natural world impacting on sustainable development, then globalisation is the parallel process in the human world, creating both opportunities for, and barriers to, sustainable development. So one area of development is often inter -dependent on each other.

Holistically is when you are going to plan incorporating 'all' areas of learning into a child's learning plan, but you wouldn't necessary incorporate inter-dependent skills into your planning - they may not be at the stage or it may not be their preferred way of learning.

Active-Learning Theories (constructivism,) and Teaching Strategies